All About Barre

[DEFINE] Barre Basics

[DEFINE] Barre is for everybody - any size, shape or age.  We believe that each individual can be equipped and instructed to modify body postures and awareness for the best results.  Come experience an amazing routine that gives you awesome glute and ab workouts every time.

Barre is an energetic fusion of pilates, yoga, dance and fitness moves that focuses on the mid- and lower-body, developing strength and flexibility from your ankles to your glutes to your core.  Our classes deliver a well-rounded fitness experience in a short period of time.  The Beginner's Barre class teaches body-shaping and lengthening techniques.  Yoga mats are available, but feel free to bring your own.  Come join us to explore what barre classes can offer you!

Barre Classes in Olympia, WA - Modern Fitness Studio - Beginner's Welcome!

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[DEFINE] Barre Benefits

Experience our full-body, yet low-impact [DEFINE] Barre Class workout to help realign your body and mind.  At the same time, you will build important functional fitness strength, energize your body and feel renewed muscle tone.  

[DEFINE] Barre will also help improve your posture from the imbalances of everyday life--excessive cell phone use, driving around in your car, hours on a keyboard and computer--leaving us with craned neck and back, drooping shoulders, and a rounded spine.  Our [DEFINE] Barre classes use movements and flexibility exercises to correct your posture, increase healthier digestion and transform your body to help you feel stronger, stand taller and help you feel great about your body.  One of the greates ab workouts you can find in Olympia, WA.

Whatever your interests - hiking, walking, running, biking, skiing, kayaking - [DEFINE] Barre will help you improve and perform better.  [DEFINE] Barre helps you to release your stress, feel more confident about yourself and empowered in your life.

What to Expect at Class

CLOTHING - Leggings or long shorts and a comfortable top.  Grip socks are preferred and available for purchase in our fitness clothing boutique at the entrance of our studio.  Mats, balls and towels are provided in our studio (feel free to bring your own mat if you prefer).  You will get thirsty - so bring a water bottle.

WHEN TO ARRIVE - Please arrive to the [DEFINE] Barre Studio 10 minutes before class starts, which will allow you time to park and set up for the class.

WHAT TO EXPECT - We will provide you a tour of the studio, show you an available cubby to store your belongings and introduce you to your instructor.

SETUP - Your instructor will provide you with everything you need for class (mat, ball, etc.) and help you find a comfortable space.  If you have any previous injuries or physical limitations, please let your instructor know, so they can show you modifications to allow you to maximize your benefits from the class.

How to Get Started

You can schedule your barre classes below, so you will need to first create or sign-in to your MINDBODY account to book a [DEFINE] Barre class.  Find the scheduled class times and package that works best for you.  Future scheduling and package renewal can be done through the or the MINDBODY app or website.